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So, art portal, huh?

2009-06-19 15:04:40 by ThePatstar

I've pretty much been on Flash sabatical ever since junior year at high school this year, not only due to the fact that my workload has been crazier than normal, but because this year I've been focused on improving my art skills and really getting serious about my art. I've been taking a commercial art class at school, so I have plenty of art pieces, some of which I've uploaded already. So far I haven't been scouted yet, and I'm not going to ask or beg anyone to do so, but I will say that I would really appreciate it if someone scouted me.

I'm glad Newgrounds has an art portal now. I've been wanting to submit something for a while now, but never had the time or ideas to make a new flash. Now there's the art portal, something I actually came prepared for. Aside from my art class projects, I have a new colored pencil drawing in the works and my mom's boyfriend is paying me to do a logo for his boat, so I hope that goes well. Anyway, expect more art from me in the near future.


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2009-06-19 16:05:46

Sounds great Patstar!i already had a look at some of your art,and im quite impressed.i really like the unlucky charms one,thats kick ass.

oh,and by the way,do you think you'll ever make Zero Gravity episode 2?

ThePatstar responds:

I'd certainly like to. I have a lot of stuff to work on this summer, but I'll definitely find some time to work on it this summer.


2009-06-20 15:19:25

Cool to hear.i think that soon to be series has alot of potential.


2009-07-28 01:42:23

Yeah.It's pretty cool.